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 Our Rooms 

We must defeat Vesputin.

The evil wizard, Vesputin, is hungry for power. Using the Dragon Amulet, he has found a way to time travel, and is taking powerful objects from the future to take over the world in the past.

We have found three key points in time where he acquired items that made him too powerful to defeat; October 5th, 1507, on a pirate ship in the Caribbean; May 14th, 1921, at a speakeasy in Chicago; and August 20th, 1363, at a castle in a forgotten land.

Your assignment is to travel to each day and stop him.

Steal the skull, stop the Setup, and Search for the Amulet itself. 

The Steal

"The Skull is a powerful thing...

More powerful than anything I've traveled to find so far."

Our most recent intel comes from a note recently found on a shipwreck in the Caribbean. A note that wasn't there when the ship was first searched years ago. 

Your assignment is to travel back to October 5th, 1507. We believe Vesputin is targeting the mythical Golden Skull, an object of untapped magical power.

We also believe he is currently masquerading as Captain Calabazas.

 We've narrowed down a time where the entire crew, including Calabazas, will be off the ship. Unfortunately, the only way we can get you on board without arousing suspicion is by putting you in the brig.

You have an hour before the crew returns.

Good luck!!

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The Setup

Our operative in 1921 got himself a job as a bartender at the Blind Tiger Club and has bit off more than he can chew. 

He overheard a meeting between the local mob boss and "V", a mysterious man who looks just like Vesputin. Our operative found out that "V" is set up to buy something from the Boss, but he isn't sure what. 

The Boss is a stickler about recording every transaction he makes and requires his men to use the ledger at every handoff, or there is no handoff.

Your assignment is to find the ledger. We need to figure out what Vesputin is taking from this time period and stop him from doing so.

Stealing the ledger should do both.

The handoff happens in an hour, so you better hurry.

"Go get 'em, tiger!"

The Search

We've finally done it.

We have determined exactly what Vesputin is using to time travel.

The Dragon Amulet.

Our operative found out that Vesputin has been leaving the amulet hidden away in his study when he meets with his advisors. Your assignment is to steal it so we can finally destroy it.

The meetings only last an hour, so you have sixty minutes to get past any enchantments and traps that protect the amulet. 

You must Pass Without a Trace to avoid drawing attention to your party.

Be warned, the guards may come check Vesputin's office.

How do you want to do this?

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