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Available Rooms

The Steal

You have 60 minutes to STEAL the Golden Skull from the mysterious Captain Calabasas.

The Setup

You have 60 minutes to stop the SETUP and find the Boss' ledger before he returns.

The Search

You have 60 minutes to SEARCH Vesputin's study and find the Dragon Amulet.

To successfully defeat Vesputin, we recommend doing The Steal first, The Setup second, and The Search third.

Booking FAQ

  • The Steal and The Setup can accommodate a maximum of eight (8) participants and The Search can accomodate six (6) participants. We follow a tiered pricing model for our experiences as shown below.

    • Please contact us regarding groups larger than 8!


  • All rooms are private! You WILL NOT be paired with strangers.

  • We recommend our rooms for ages ten (10) and up. This is due to a variety of reasons, but mostly because children under ten are much more likely to be scared and unable to participate in the experience. We require one paying adult to accompany any group that includes participants under the age of fifteen (15) ​

    • ​For kid's birthday parties where the children are under the age of twelve (12), we require a minimum of two (2) paying adult participants. ​​​

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