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LPR is now CLOSED.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who came and participated in our rooms! You all were fantastic and truly made these last two and a half years worth it. We made so many friends and met so many amazing people. 

If you're here after May 11th, you've probably been wondering about the fate of our rooms...

We have good news!

As of May 14th, No ESC Puzzle Collective of Shakopee has accepted their assignment and will now be the protectors of our timeline! They will soon have three (possibly four) very familiar expereinces at their facility... 

We highly recommend checking out their two existing rooms as well. The team there is very passionate about escape rooms, just like us, and they make the experence a great one. 

Hanna's Recommendations
God Fave The King
Speakeasy Door
green skull
The Steal
The Setup
new search COLOR skull_edited
The Search
Looking for other rooms to do?

Still checking out the website to see if I've left you any crumbs? 

Don't worry, I've got you covered 😎

Here is a comperehensive list of my favorite escape rooms. Most are here in the Twin Cities area, but I've added a couple that are out of state that are 100% worth doing.
Go forth and ESCAPE!!

  1: Utopia at Lock and Key Escape Rooms in the Southdale Center: Voted one of the top escape rooms in the Twin Cities, Utopia is no joke and 100% deseves that title! This is a mostly technology based room with a dual plot that challenges even the most expereinced player. I did this room with two other people, and we finished with roughly ten minutes left (rare for us!!). We definitely needed all three sets of hands, and all three of us were involved and solving puzzles 99% of the time. My friend Katie calls it: "Definitely the most unique escape room we've done." Phenominal room, 10/10, would absolutely do it again.​​

2: Eternity Battle at Trapped Puzzle Rooms in Minneapolis:  Holy puns Bat-human! Copywrite is one of the BBEG's of Escape Rooms, and Trapped truly has the biggest balls in the community when it comes to avoiding the biggest-bad. In this room, you must defeat "Manos", the evil, purple alien that has eliminated half the world to...wait a second...🤔
Featuring some of the most creative puzzles I've ever experienced, Eternity Battle is 100% worth paying to park in the North Loop. I did this room with my friend Katie (mentioned above) and her and I had so much fun. We are both relatively experienced players, so there's not a lot that surprises us, but this room honestly did! There were one or two puzzles that we were able to "creatively solve" because we'd seen similar or they played to our strengths, but the other puzzles in the room were like nothing we had ever seen! We truly felt like part of the Aveng- sorry, part of an un-named superhero group. 😉

3: Calling all Villians at CU Advendtures in Time and Space in Champaign, Illinois: I can't make a list of my favorite escape rooms without mentioning this room. Located in a small college town in nowhere-illinois, CU Adventures has 7 in person experiences and 2 online experiences. Honestly, the only reason this is #3 on the list is because it's NOT in the Twin Cities! This escape room is my all-time number-one favorite. With multiple rooms, FANTASTIC set design, and puzzles ranging from full tech to no tech, this room has everything. My favorite part? Well that has to be the ceiling that threatened to crush us!
You HAVE to check out this room!! There's even a bonus puzzle at the end!!

4: Countdown at Mission Manor in Minneapolis: Sometimes a simple room is all you need! Countdown was my first ever "team building" experience that I did with my old work group. With lots of puzzles, some insane props, and even an overhead projector, this room does an excellent job of getting to the root of escape rooms. The simple set fits the theme perfectly, and the staff really made the experience phenominal!

5: Special Ops at The Escape Game in the Mall of America: Now, this company definitely does not need any free advertising, but I HAVE to mention this fantastic room here. TEG is always a bit more pricey, and they are a very large corporation, so keep those things in mind when deciding on what escape rooms to do in the area. Of the five rooms they have (soon to be seven), Special Ops was definitely my favorite. With some of the best set design I've ever seen in an escape room, this room was creative, immersive, and held a strong plot throughout. A fun plot twist towards the end kept us engaged and excited to escape. I did this room pre-COVID, and I have been told that my favorite puzzle has been removed from the room!! Crimes I say!! They had a beautifully executed scent-based puzzle that truly put my nose to the test! But, with so many possible flaws, I understand why a puzzle like that would be removed. Who wants to shove their nose into a bag that hundreds, maybe thousands of other people have also shoved their noses into?? Ew. Keep in mind that TEG is one of the only escape rooms in the area that runs public rooms, so if you're planning to check these out be prepared to work with strangers, buy extra tickets, or book a room at the crack of dawn.

6:  The Bank at Fox in a Box in Chicago, Illinois: This is my final out of state reccomendation, I promise!! Fox in a Box hold the spots for Best Staff and Best Merch in my book. Their mascot, an orange fox, is featured all around their location and is truly the most adorable mascot. The Bank was a phenominal room, with challenging puzzles and an extremely creative clue delivery system. The puzzle master dressed up as a secret agent when he put us in the room, and they even give you little souvenir cards at the end with drawings of you and your team and a good quote or funny moment. I still have mine! A little last second info drop as we walked in the room kept us on edge for a good portion of our time, but truly made the experience unforgettable. I won't spoil this one, you'll just have to find out what happens yourself! 

7: Mansion Murder at Escapeology in the Burnsville Center: "Wait, the Burnsville Center is still open?" YES!! YES IT IS!! While Escapology might not need the free advertising, their wonderful staff DEFINITELY desrve the shout out! I've done three of the rooms there and have left satisfied each time. Mansion Murder was definitely my favorite, with a wide variety of puzzles and some decent set design! I did this room with my mom and Katie (yes, the same Katie from above), and we finished with just over ten minutes left. We were definitely thrown by a few puzzles, but it wasn't anything we couldn't handle! 

I have many more rooms to do in the area, so this is definitely not a review of EVERY escape room in MN. While I am devestated at the closing of LPR, I am looking forward to having more time to expereince more and more amazing rooms in the future. 

If anyone reads this far, I just want to say thank you.
Thank you for your support, for your passion, and your love of escape rooms. 

I hope to see you all again!


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